Julian will hustle you but you'll like it

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Julian bull will deceive/hustle/trick/rob you but you'll love it. If you need a magician who will keep your guests awake at night for hours wondering how he did it, Julian is for you. In the information age it is getting harder and harder to keep a secret, the temptation for magicians to sell their own tricks before someone else steals and markets is strong. Julian won't sell his secrets. He provides a genuinely mystifying miser's dream routine with his own original methods in which he pulls coins out of thin air, from people's pockets, their ears, armpits, mouths, watches or pretty much anywhere. Julian has performed for about 9 years at a variety of events like weddings, funerals, cocktail events, street fairs, private parties, festivals and awards banquets. Hire Julian Today!!

"WE LOVE YOUR WORK"- Cindy Jensen, Buskers by the Creek Event Director

"Your magic is very impressive, I love the presentation and speed of your magic" -David Combs, IZIT Entertainment Director

"Julian delighted our members with a variety of entertaining tricks for our recent members Day. I would have no hesitation in recommending Julian. Thank you for your professionalism"- Danielle Buerckner, Deewhy RSL Club

"You are obviously a natural, I am humbled and proud to have met you and thank you so much for your hard work and devotion. You are advanced well beyond your years." - Jimmy Talksalot, veteran street magician, author of To Lure With Spectacle

"You were extremely entertaining last evening"- James Cook marketing director Jamberoo

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