Get ready to FEEL THE ATMOSPHERE! This is the kind of magic you and your guests will be talking about for a long, long time. No longer is the magic far away on a stage, it's IN YOUR HANDS!

Sydney, NSW, NSW, Australia
Get ready for sleight of hand and close up magic that will have you checking for your watches and wallets, not to mention your MARBLES. Jeremy's unique brand of Magic and Mentalism will have you and your guests laughing, screaming and be warned, possibly leaping out of your skin in astonishment as you get to see 'first hand miracles' under the fairest of conditions.

Jeremy has been entertaining audiances across the country. for years now with some amazing sleight of hand. His wrok with cards will make you want to clear a chair at the next poker game. His sleight of mind will take you ALL IN.
This is the kind of entertainment that can take YOUR FUNCTION , PARTY or FAIR to an UNFORGETTABLE level. This is REAL MAGIC for REAL ENCHANTMENT as audiance members who participate can recieve a momento to mark the special occasion. So contact us today and find out how we can PIMP YOUR PARTY!

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