The dynamic fusion of physical comedy and music, an hillarious repertoire of set routines and physical improvisations.
Clever, stylish and hilarious silent comedy.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia



SHOOSH, the dynamic fusion of physical comedy and music, an hilarious repertoire of set routines and physical improvisations to compliment your event or feature as the main entertainment.

High-powered, visually arresting but wordless entertainment by extraordinary physical performers, created by some of the country’s leading physical comedy exponents. SHOOSH is an outlandishly funny world filled with laughter and magic.

Here eccentric waiters battle restaurant patrons, Ushers seat people in the wrong seats, Toreadors fight bulls who won’t fight properly, fleas take over the stage and Cabaret singers fight with their microphones. Wonderful wordless entertainment combined with fabulous music, SHOOSH promises a delightful and memorable evening for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. 

SHOOSH offers a range of clever, stylish and hilarious silent comedy routines that can be adapted to suit almost any environment or event.


The Waiter – he loves his job, it’s just the customers he cannot stand
The Ushers – they look real, they act real, until they start getting it terribly wrong!
The Flea – the bravest motorbike stunt flea in the world.
The Cabaret Singer -  has trouble with his microphone
Skipping -  you would swear there was a real rope there!

“…the disdainful French Waiter… a silent routine reminiscent of both Charlie Chapiln and M. Hulot. The skill exhibited here is considerable… transforms the small familiar routines of social eating and drinking into amusing exhibitions of ego and arrogance.” THE AUSTRALIAN

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