THEME EVENTS are her specialty as she can entertain, amaze and astound your guests with her psychic tarot /lenormand palmistry readings.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

ELIZABETH WILDE Psychic Medium – Theme Events are her specialty as she can amaze and astound your guests with her psychic tarot/lenormand readings where she can entertain your guests acting as a “roaming psychic” asking them to pick a tarot card which comes with a story or she can read guests palms unlocking the secrets of their future and personalities.

Elizabeth is very talented, professional, psychic tarot reader for all themed and VIP corporate events where her natural chameleon and creative abilities help her to ‘zone in’ to which ever theme or performance is required.  A lot of fun and entertainment will be had by all.

Elizabeth, an entertainer/singer/marriage celebrant and aspiring freelance writer, is well travelled/educated and has lived the kind of life most people only dream about.  This makes her readings different than the rest as she incorporates her wealth of experience, investigative, legal and nursing backgrounds to offer practical guidance, upliftment and peace of mind into her readings done with profound accuracy and clarity in answers to your questions or general readings that will astound and amaze you.

Elizabeth incorporates her psychic, medium skills with palmistry, numerology, astrology, healing and dream analysis into tarot/lenormand and teacup readings which all work together ‘weaving your web of life’ for astounding results as she channels messages from beyond to provide clarity and peace of mind.

Theme Events

As GIFTED entertainer theme events are HER specialty so she can amaze your guests with a fun night they won’t forget as she loves to get into the zone and dress up according to the theatrical theme.  She has access to all types of props and costumes and can act the part as “the Psychic” or Medieval Gothic, Gypsy, Witch, Arabian, Egyptian or Celtic Druid to create a magical and uplifting atmosphere where the aim is to have lots of fun.

Elizabeth specialises in hen’s nights, Christmas and tarot/pamper yourself parties and dinners, VIP corporate, workplace and sporting events, night clubs, weddings, horse racing, festivals and group bookings entertaining guests which I find to be lots of fun, especially in costume or fancy dress with my crystal ball; she tends to be very popular with clubs and entertainment agencies as she usually begin by walking around and entertaining the guests by getting them to pick a card which then comes with a story.  Once she has gained the interest of all of the guests she then commences the one on one readings.

A two hour time frame allows for six to eight minute readings for each person for approximately 20 people. With fewer guests, more time can be spent on each reading.  For more guests extra tarot readers can be organised at your request to ensure each guest has a reading.

Elizabeth has appeared at music and nightclub venues such as the Spice Market/Revolver as a tarot reader where her love of music and party atmosphere makes her feel quite at home whilst providing fun and entertainment for the evening.

She is a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and the Australian Psychic’s Association and her over 25 years’ experience as a tarot practitioner includes

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals and Sexpo Melbourne;
  • Victoria night market and many other Melbourne expos;
  • Tarot and pamper yourself parties in private homes;
  • All types parties, including gay and lesbian events at venues;
  • Regular appointments at night clubs and cinemas;
  • Hen’s nights and Oaks day events at 5 star motels and restaurants;
  • Attending school orientations, race meetings and shopping centres;
  • Many different corporate events at venues and work places


As an experienced Tarot teacher Elizabeth has been teaching and lecturing tarot and psychic development for many years.

Marriage Celebrant

As a registered marriage celebrant Elizabeth has performed Wicca and many other different types of ceremonies which have been tailored to meet the needs of the bride and groom.  Various Wiccan weddings involving Handfasting rituals are performed depending on the ceremony chosen by the bride and groom.

Guest Speaker/Presenter/M/C

Elizabeth can appear as a guest or motivational speaker at your corporate events on a chosen topic or act as an M/C at your event or special occasion where she has a broad range of life and work experiences so can entertain and amuse audiences with. 


Elizabeth has appeared on television, radio, magazines and newspapers Australia wide at different times in her life.  And has appeared as a guest speaker at various corporate events

Singing Psychic

Elizabeth will be appearing as the “singing psychic at Tamworth in 2016”


I charge $120 per hour where she is usually booked for 2 -4 hours at each event and only requires a small table and 2-3 chairs as I will provide everything else that may be required as in special effects.

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