Spiritual Guidance for Soul Empowerment

Bowral, Bowral, NSW, Australia
Gabrielle is a Spiritual Intuitive and Medium with over 12 years experience as a teacher and facilitator of meditation groups and spiritual development circles and workshops.  With a background in the welfare field, she has completed courses in Holistic Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual & Crystal Healing, Energetic Lymphatic Therapy, studied Tarot, Numerology, the Kabbalah, and also has performed many personalised Name-Giving and Blessing Ceremonies for families.

Gabrielle is strongly committed to her own spiritual growth and to empowering others along their unique path of self discovery.
She regularly reads for people at psychic fairs, including the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Sydney.

Gabrielle believes that we are all guides and teachers for each other, and that we are all so wonderfully connected to each other and to the Earth.  Through the work with Spirit, her intention is to guide, inspire & empower individuals to journey on their spiritual life path with joy.

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