The many faces Noel Sheridan. An original Expo'88 character, Hip humor, Bundles of fun and laughter. Stilt Sensation and Unicycling unique people participation to get goals or tickle the funny bone.

West End, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Street Theatre

World Expo' 88 made street theatre roving in Australia a must... 
Noel Sheridan and the industry he has helped to build have taken all theatrical skills and clever ad-lib qualities and formalized them artistically to fit any and all events,especially yours.
Skills like Juggling,Stiltsand Unicycle,Slapstick provide passionate high end performance 
Noel Sheridan is a professional actor and Street Theatre Performer taking stage skills to every performance space
 Dreamworld , Seaworld. Movieworld The Rocks and Mommbe to name a few
Included is the intent rquired for ... international contracts in Fiji,Singapore and Bankok. Book now.
Circus Jester Jack
A multiskilled crazy kind a guy
Whether in mime or madcap vocals
Whether on stilts, unicycle or juggling

Jack a Lantern
Australias only UV light Stilt Costume
With reactive scarves and mask face paint
Or a daytime swirling dervish?Xmas Colours

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