Poor Drunken Dunken, his name says it all and when you're down and out there's only one thing left to do and that's kick your heels up and have a good time.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Drunken Dunken can be introduced by the song track, `I love to have a beer with Duncan' by Slim Dusty, he's one character thoroughly adored by RSL clubs, senior citizens and fun loving audiences alike.

With his foul mannerisms, repulsive gestures and antics, he slurs his words, trips over his own feet as well as others, picks his nose and his bum and still calls himself charming.

An entertaining slob who can't be parted from his bottle and belches out aloud to tickle your funny bone.

A wonderful character for a wholesome laugh.

History of bookings:

private celebrations, bus tours, ice breaker board meetings and wedding celebrations.


Drunken Dunken is a perfect character for TV appearances, stand-up spots, theatre restaurants and sketch floor shows.

About the Artist:

Mark Theodossiou is the artist behind Drunken Dunken and is an actor by trade, a stand-up comic, lyricist, motivational speaker, street theatre specialist, presenter and voice artist.

He has a thoroughly professional approach to his work and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his clients are satisfied.

Having discovered his passion for acting at the age of six, Mark has a wealth of theatrical experience as well as an array of colourful characters to amuse and delight audience of all ages.

A fun-loving, comical and versatile performer.


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