8 foot bouncing stilt stereo powered dancing Nanna's!

Sydney, NSW, Australia

The Nanna's! (A.K.A The notorious N.A.N.S) Do you want something truly unique at your event? Something bright, pleasing to the eye, full of skill and hysterical? More importantly would you like to know how it was in my day? If the answer is yes then the Nanna's may be just what your event needs!

The Nanna's have seen it all and more! They've lived through world wars, civil rights movements, the rise and fall of empires and countless value's within society chopped and changed before their very eyes. They have the experience and the wit to prove it. The Nanna's will shuffle into your event accompanied by the soft tunes of the golden era. Always keen for a chat and strapped with a smile. However you will really notice the Nanna's when the base drops and they can't help but dance! Equipped with bouncing stilts these girls have been known to jump to heights of 2 metres, spinning with pirouettes. The Nanna's will be an original and entertaining addition that will brighten up any event!

The performers underneath the suits are world class circus performers who have performed all over Australia and around the world! This unique act will have your clients either in stitches or holding their breath as the Nannas leap 2 metres into the air in a single bound! Though the performers themselves speak very little this is by no means a silent act! Within the Nanna trolley lies a sound system that is ready to go with tunes from a simpler time, and some from a not so simple time! Attached to the sound system is a sample pad operated by the performers that is loaded with recordings done by the creators grandmother. ( 90 year old daughter of a policeman from mount Isa!) The recordings are made up of sound advice such as haircut suggestions, how it was in their day, the silliness of technology etc. The costumes are of a high quality and the performers are of an even higher quality! Garunteed to spice up your event in a unique and exciting way!

The Adaptables have been the best entertainment act we’ve booked for a client activation. They were extremely professional and efficient to deal with, and developed a fantastic rapport with the clients themselves. Aside from this, their performances were so unique and skilled, and truly engaged with our audiences. I would recommend their services to any client, from a corporate launch event to private party..we can’t wait to use them again! 

Lauren Trevenen – Director, The Event Space

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