Theatrical Dinner Show with a TWIST. Sit back and experience,the annual of time to the early Colony of New South Wales as we delve into the lives and carry on of its folks in a dinner-theatre production that will keep your guest amused.

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A Colonial Night - Theatre Restaurant Event

It’s exciting, interesting, provocative, dramatic, thrilling, sensational, rip-roaring and titillating. Do you want to change your venue for a night full of music song and fun, fun, fun? Our costumed entertainers, actors and musicians present a fully scripted stage show full of witty songs, side-splitting comedy, madcap games and audience involvement. Our fully, self contained production show package is ideal for licensed clubs, hotels, restaurants and reception centres and even the office Christmas Party. Iconic Performance’s “A Colonial Night” is a unique entertainment experience in the convenience of a location of your choice. Set in a totally themed environment with a highly comical stage show, we provide a non stop interactive fun event for your patrons in true colonial tradition. Sing-a-Long, Clap-a-Long and Laugh-a-Long as you experience the hilarious antics, risque and funtastic festivities of what will be an unforgettable night for your customers. This is the ultimate in theatre entertainment.

We tailor entertainment to your restaurant or function needs. From a conference dinner to a product launch, a brand building exercise to an end-of-year party, our specialty is understanding the environment you want to create and working with your vision.  With the success of our School Touring Show "The Colonial Show" it was only inevitable that we provide the same exciting for adults and families.  Designed to entertain, excite and bring back customers "A Colonial Night" will definitely bring back your patrons.

A Colonial Night has performed in a variety of sporting centers, country Workmens Clubs and local restuarants.

It doesn't matter how big or how small your venue is, we are able to adapt the show to suit your needs.  Working with you in advertising the show ... we guarantee that the next group of people who eat at your restaurant will remember their time in "The Colonial Night".

Iconic Performances Pty Limited is a Professional Theatre Company based in Sydney Australia, and founded in 2003.  Iconic Performances as a concept removes the boundaries normally associated with theatrical performance as we do not limit ourselves to the traditional stage of mainhouse theatre; and whilst some scripting is involved, a great deal of the performance is improvised.  With the fact that our shows require and involve a huge amount of the audience interacting with the performers, most of our shows are so engaging because the actors are able to bouncing off ideas offered by the audience itself.

Iconic Performances Pty Limited Theatre Restaurant Shows are available in four main settings.  These are ... 

  1. Providing Interactive Performances for Corporate and Private Functions.
  2. Providing Interactive Theatre Shows for Venues, Restaurants, Sporting Facilities, RSL Clubs and Dinner Parties.
  3. Utilising skills of Iconic Performance actors for training and team-building within Corporations.
  4. Providing specially devised characters and routines for one-off and special occasions, including festivals etc and street shows.


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