Shaadi Ke Geet
Traditional Indian Wedding Singer
(Hindi and Bhojpuri singer)

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

We provide singing services for traditional Indian wedding (Indian Marriage) and folk songs. We cater for: Weddings, Mehandi night, Ladies sangeet, Engagement, Chhatti/baby showers and Wedding Anniversary.

Traditional wedding songs are integral part of Hindu weddings. Typically a Hindu wedding spans over many days with many rituals, customs and elaborate celebrations both in the bride and groom’s family. Some are pre-wedding, some during the wedding and some post-wedding rituals. There are traditional songs (geet) for every ritual and occasion. At the homes of the bride and groom, the women relatives and friends play the dholak, sing and dance for days leading up to wedding and during the wedding.

The pre-wedding rituals include- phaldan/chhenka/sagai/mangni/engagement, tilak, haldi (ubton), mehandi, mandap (marwa), matkor- pooja. After mangni, geet becomes a daily occurance in both families. Some of the songs sung include:

* Nachari- Shiv –Parvati songs (bhojpuri songs).
* Jhumar- as the word suggests masti wale geet, mentioning saas, nanad, devar, sasur.
* Sahanna- are various songs for banna (groom) and banni (bride). These songs generally describe the beauty, emotions and feelings of both.
* Haldi songs
* Mandap/Marwa songs

During and after the wedding, nachari, sindurdan and then kohbar songs are sung. Kohbar is a room decorated especially for post wedding rituals and it is also the wedding night suite for the newlyweds. One wall is painted with picture of bamboo and purayn (a waterplant) - both these items are symbol of growth and fertility. Painting is only done by a married sister or aunt. Rituals in the kohbar include game playing by newlyweds.

There are songs for vidaai too. These are sad songs describing the parents’ and bride’s emotions. Some of vidaai geet actually teach the bride manners and etiquette to be followed in Sasural.

We are a husband and wife team that hail from Bihar, India. I sing hindi, bhojpuri and other traditional folk songs and my husband accompanies me on the dholak. Traditionally Indian wedding and folk songs are accompanied by a dholak, tambourine and manzira and we maintain that flavour.

My name is Rashmi Dutta. I have been singing from childhood, and singing is my passion. Music has been in my family for generations. My father is an experienced musician and I have been privileged to grow up with music around me.

I come from a very large family with lots of uncles, aunties and cousins. I have been attending weddings since I was a young child. My mum, sister and aunties sang various songs for different rituals before, during and after weddings. As I had an interest in music, I learnt all those songs from an early age.

We have performed in various small and large functions and forums in India and Australia. We have been in Melbourne since 1988 and regularly attend local Indian music forums. We also organize free community music forums regularly to promote Indian music and folk songs.

Traditional wedding and folk songs are a dying art both in India and abroad. Our intent is to promote our cultural heritage and keep it alive.

Singer and Facilitator for Traditional Indian folk songs for:

* Weddings
* Ladies Sangeet
* Mehandi (henna) night
* Engagement
* Religious Occasions (bhajans)
* Sohar (songs for child birth)
* Marriage Anniversaries

To compliment any occasion, we also provide henna (mehandi) services. A package can be arranged to suit your specific requirement.


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