The most fluid stilt walker ever seen, a range of costumes for your corporate event!

Canada, OTH, Canada

Lucky you! You have found the stilt walker of your dreams. Vertical, visual and vibrant, Curl, the eight and a half feet ( 2 m 60 cm) tall alter ego of Al is a vertical goof ball. Equally at home in upmarket private functions and down and dirty festivals, Al's happy wholesome personality and polished PR skills make everyone feel at ease.

Off stilts, Al stands at nearly five feet four inches (that’s 161 cms to the real world). On her stilts at full height, Al towers at over eight and a half feet! This height is perfect, she stands out at a distance, and up close, she can even bend down to shake hands with toddlers in their prams. Al will be able to match your theme with an appropriate costume - one of her other passions is clothing design and creation.

Al thinks life is a celebration. As such, she does not want you to stress! Al aims to make every query easy. If she is the best person to help you, she will assist you in making the booking. However, Al will happily refer you to someone more appropriate if they can suit your needs better.

Every contact you have with Al, you will be treated with respect. You will always feel confident and comfortable with your decisions. Trust her, she’s good at what she does! As well as stilts, Al can also provide exceptional face painting, and balloon sculpting.

Each child feels special from the attention Al gives them, and parents are satisfied that they have not wasted hours lining up! Visit Alannah's site for more details of exactly how Al can make your day!

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