Inspired by the beauty in tropical nature, these colourful creations fly by, ruffling their feathers, and showing off their attractive attire.

North Coast NSW, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, NSW, Australia

Radiating the spirit of festivity, Birds of Paradise glide high above, perfect as meet and greet entertainers as crowds gather for an event, as in-between acts during an evening of programmed stage entertainment, or as roving street or festival costume characters to mingle with the crowds. Roving amongst your guests, Birds of Paradise are the perfect way to liven up any event.

These exquisite costume characters bring beauty and fantasy realms to life with their magical liveliness, reminiscent of tropical splendor. With matching costumes, finely detailed headpieces and makeup, wings, feathers and fans they add attraction and sparkle to any occasion!

Birds of Paradise are a creation of Sacred Circus.  Based in Cairns, North Queensland, Sacred Circus bring to all a mesmerising world of quirky, weird and wonderful roving characters and an exotic collection of 9ft tall stilt walking creations

Their range of evergrowing stilt walking costumes and characters are those suited to carnivale, water, tropical, cirque, moulin rouge, classical and magic themed events.








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