Fantastic Funny, Frolicker, Fun-Fair, Festive Stilt Character called RED ELECTRA

Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Be affected by this amazing looking 21st Century stilt Character.

She will glitter and shine for everyone creating a wonderful entertaining atmosphere.

This character is fresh, bubbly and very playful and Red Electra will run and jump, hopscotch and tag, play hide and seek, and be charming and glad.

Have Red Electra brighten up your next party with her super hero look and her super hero attitude.  

What fantastic entertainment for Children and/or adults.

Red Electra stands out amongst any crowd with her electric colours and personality. I

Invite this very lovable character to your next event and there will be lots of excellent fun to be had.

Leonie Deavin is one of Australia's finest stilt walkers and roving entertainers, Leonie has delighted crowds at some of the biggest functions, festivals and events within Australia and on occasion Overseas. She has a performance quality that it both interactive and entertaining and is equally enjoyed by children and adults alike. It is Leonie’s ability to shine in any scenario that makes her a quality performer, add that to her impressive array of costuming and she can excel at a county festival or Major corporate function.
Leonie is a performer’s artist, cast in the mould of the old Vaudeville style / Circus Artist, with an un canny ability to immerse herself in any style. Beautiful, Talented and Alluring with a touch of cheekiness would describe her perfectly.  Shakespeare Wrote” O for a muse of fire that would attend the brightest heaven of invention, My Kingdom for a Stage , Princes to Act and Monarchs to behold the swelling scene”  Every Field is her stage and Every person her audience.
Guests are always delighted by the super-tall mischief and fun of Leonie as she thrills, teases and impresses any sized crowd.  Her ability to dance on Stilts is a sight all should see. Leonie can transform herself into a ten foot tall Angel, a Carnival dancer, a Venetian Princess, a Grand Prix Pit Crew member, a beautiful Genie and many more! And for a touch of the mystical she'll even add some bubbles from on high as she spreads joy with her mobile bubble machine. Perfect for any event, Leonie Deavin has a towering creation to suit your needs every time!
Leonie has been performing professionally since 1990 as a dancer, stilt walker, actor, choreographer, fire artist and model. She has performed Australia wide in a huge variety of corporate functions, events, parades and festivals.

Leonie's beautiful and popular stilt characters have been enjoyed at hundreds of events around Australia and appeared in television, films, commercials, magazines and newspapers.

Leonie can design any costume for any themed event (with enough notice).










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