Storytelling, Birthday parties, Puppet shows and roving puppetry or characters, Voicework

Perth, WA, Australia

Hello there! I'm a storyteller and performer in Perth, Western Australia. I'm passionate about getting people's imaginations working and fostering a sense of curiosity and wonder.

What I Do

Puppet Shows: I'm  a great believer in the importance of literacy, so my puppet shows centre on that. My current show touring to schools is Stories that Start With ARRR! , centering on Archibald, a failed pirate who wants to learn to read. Children will investigate basic phonics and hear some piratical legends along the way.

More puppet shows are in the works - next up will be The Word Thief, focussing on reading techniques. Shows come with optional activities.

Storytelling: I can tailor a suite of stories to your needs, or you can request I tell whatever stories I feel like. There are stories to delight all sorts and all ages! I can also do storytelling in character (see Birthday Parties) or with a puppet.

Birthday Parties: Choose from three themes with three different characters as your hosts - Snowflake, a magical fairy; Rain, a forest elf; or Madame Hypotenuse, Fearless Explorer, an adventurous lady with a secret love of geometry and maps who sometimes brings her pet chameleon.

Roving Entertainment: With a puppet or as one of the above characters.

Voicework: I also do voicework such as recording stories,voice acting, on hold messages, or anything else you may need a versatile voice for!

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