Deadly is a Grand Master of Entertainment, a Godfather to Street Performance, and invites you to join in. Deadly shows, Deadly Stunts, Deadly humour, Deadly Funny.

Perth, WA, Australia

The Show 
Deadly Serious performs an exceptional style of live theatre and is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. An exceptional blend of circus, performance, music, art and comedy, Deadly is a one-off entertainer that audiences love.  He gathers his audiences wooing them with his distinctive character, using comedy, charm and his trademark Dog & Whip routine.  As a master of variety Deadly has developed 3 different shows, suitable for stage, street and festival environments; involving a comedy routine juggling up to 5 balls, a slack rope routine juggling knives and/or fire, and an impressive 9ft Unicycle show.

About Deadly Serious
With over twenty years experience in entertainment Damien, AKA Deadly Serious, has acquired invaluable skills from theatre; music, circus and life that have helped create a truly brilliant performing artist. Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, he has both witnessed and participated in numerous Adelaide Arts and Fringe Festivals. In the early years while performing as both actor and musician with SACWA Phoenix (South Australian Creative Workshops) and Unley Youth Theatre, Damien first honed his performance skills, while also attending The Centre for Performing Arts (CPA) studying acting, mime and clown.
With a big world out there Damien left Adelaide in the mid 1980’s, with guitar on his shoulder he set off to see the world. Starting with Australia, Asia and then Europe, he travelled widely always learning new cultures and languages along the way. Intrigued by the street artists of Europe, he returned home with unicycle and juggling clubs in hand. By the early 1990’s, after more training and practice he returned to Europe to take his place amongst the performing artists of the world. 

Music: Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Guitar, Drums/ Percussion, Ukulele, Vocals
Theatre: Acting, Voice projection, Chorography, Sound & Lights, Stage craft/ Management
Circus: Juggle (5 balls, 4 Clubs, Knives & Fire), Unicycle (3m), Tight Wire, Slack Wire, Basic Acro-balance, Diablo, Devil Stick, Clown, Whip Cracking, Balloon Modeling

Performance History
All Australian Capital Cities, London, Chester, York (England), Dublin, Galway (Ireland), Amsterdam (Holland), Cologne (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Auckland (New Zealand)

Australian Festivals:
Adelaide Arts and Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, Byron Bay Arts, Broome Arts, Surfers Paradise Extreme Games, Saint Kilda Street Fair, Tamworth Country Rock, The Entrance Madi Gras, The West Australian Circus Festival, Darling Harbour Hoopla

International Festivals:
Glastonbury & Redding Music (England), Cardiff Arts & Cultural (Wales), Edinburgh Arts (Scotland), Gent Arts (Belgium), Galway Arts (Ireland), Auckland Buskerfest (New Zealand)

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