The festival is a free, open-air event filled with music and amazing entertainment! Food stalls will be serving typical brazilian cuisine and well as brazilian products.

Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW, Australia
02 9661 5991



Since our first Ritmo Brazilian Festival in 2001, the festival has increasingly welcomed more and more people to learn about Brazilian culture through music, dance and food. Brazil’s cultural diversity is a result of the fusion of indigenous, European and African cultures that have been living together for over 500 years.

Ritmo is an event that gives Australians and people from all different backgrounds an opportunity to meet and have a fun day out whilst learning about the Brazilian culture, and maybe learn a new dance move or two! Come and join the nation that introduced Samba to the world for a day filled with live music and dancing.

You can learn the true meaning of the word Ginga with the amazing display of acrobatic movements that are Capoeira, an African-Brazilian style of martial arts. If you have never tried our delicious Feijoada, a traditional Brazilian dish made with black beans, pork and sausages and eaten with rice, this is the perfect chance. Brazilian cuisine is a mixture of exotic ingredients with a hint of passion and there will be an array of foods to be tasted at the Ritmo Festival.

You can also see arts and crafts from all over Brazil. If dancing is not your thing, bring your picnic rug, slather on the sunscreen, sit back, enjoy the show and have a fun day out. It’s on us!

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