The festival is held at Castle Hill Showground and is a full day of cultural and spiritual activites such as kirtan (singing), traditional dance, drama, philosophical discourse, ancient fire sacrifice and mouth-watering vegetarian regional cuisine

NSW 2154, Sydney, NSW, Australia
0434 858486



The Festival of India showcases a high standard of performances in dance, music and drama. A multitude of facets reveal delicious regional cuisine, profound philosophy, yoga, astrology and enchanting art that leave our guests spellbound. Festival of India, renowned as the premier event of it's kind in Australia, leads one on an exciting journey through India's ancient heritage. The Festival of India is a non-profit organisation, run by a 100% volunteer workforce involving over 200 committed individuals. We are managed by a committee of dedicated and experienced individuals who are committed to the goals and values of the organisation. None of the volunteers receive any remuneration. The Festival of India brings the authentic Indian culture to Sydney’s suburbs and helps the local Australians and business organisations to understand the culture, needs and values of the fast growing Indian community. This we believe fosters stronger and mutually beneficial relationship amongst the local Australians, the business organisations and the Indian community. The crowd turnout in equal numbers of local Australians and the Indian community also helps in assimilation and understanding of cultures in a jovial and fun mood.

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