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Sometimes you get lumped with the responsibility of preparing a major event!


you don’t have enough time, the personnel, the industry contacts or savvy to pull it off.

You know what you have to spend,

you know what you’d like to achieve,

you even have some internal resources to contribute……


Wouldn’t it be great to put all that together in an affordable and professional way,

without having to outsource the entire event?

Keeping the costs down and the ownership in house?

We can provide you with industry wise short term contractors, producers, facilitators,

event & stage managers, that can step in and help get you over the line.

It’s just the same as hiring the entertainment Talent you’d normally get from us.


We’ll provide you with a real event producer and facilitator. You’ll still get all the credit for the event.

You’re not employing an entire company, so the overheads are minimal.

And we do this anywhere in Australia, anywhere in the world


When getting an insider to help you instantly get access to industry rates (over consumer rates),

Somethings suddenly become negotiable, you will find you get a lot more bang for your buck at the other end.


Fees for this type of work are negotiable, but essentially the money you’ll save and the value added to your event

will mean it looks like ‘you did it yourself’ for the same or less money!


So why not give us a call and organise a pow-wow. Even just to throw some creative ideas around. We’d love to help you!


Our personnel

Peter Fischer – Expert gold digger, Midas finder and bargain hunter. Peter has been provided entertainment for many big events such as Corproate, Product Launches, Weddings, Public Events, Store openings, Private Parties, International Events and more. If we don't have it we will find it or create it for you. He has vast experience in promotions and entertainment of all sorts. Entertain Oz has provided entertainment and qualtiy artists Australia wide as well as overseas countries such as Singapore, Turkey, India, America, New Zealand, Thailand and more.


Garth Taylor – ex-Sales and Marketing manager in Publishing and Electronic Entertainment, Full time Event producer and Stage performer, A/V, Sound, Lighting and Décor designer. Currently produces events in every major city of Australia, with a client list that spans Major Legal and Financial institutions, Software companies, Retail groups and profile individuals wedding/birthday celebrations. Garth has Travelled multiple times in UK, Europe and America he has experience in 3- 5 day Conference and one off Gala event management. He has a passion for making great events coupled with a drive that is unstoppable. Garth can operate almost every production device you’d require in any event and has a team of contractors that have a similar approach and passion for their work.

Entertain Oz can offer you a one stop shop for your event and entertainment needs. Let us do the work for you with pleasure.

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