"The party was a major success..!" - Are you after a unique experience for your precious birthday girl but don't want to have to do all the work? Then leave it up to us at kids pamper parties, where we come to you!

Based in Glenhaven, but we travel FREE to Sydney Metro*, Sydney, NSW, Australia



With FREE travel to Sydney Metro areas*, kids pamper parties are an exciting way girls and boys can be entertained and pampered all in hours of fun. Children and teens will be pampered to a number of treatments including polished nails, tattoos, nail art, make-up, glitter, hair spray, tiaras, facial masks, foot spas and more, plus FREE gifts and lollipops.

Girls will feel relaxed, spoiled and totally glammed up with all our glitter and sparkle treats. At kids pamper party we offer a unique and unforgettable experience for your little girls and boys, and Mums and Dads, all you have to do is sit back, relax and provide some yummy treats for your pamper girls and boys. We offer a number of different themed parties designed for your little girl’s age group. Your princesses, funky chics and your cool cucumbers will be treated to the party of their life!

Princesses can expect:

  • free tiara
  • free gift for birthday girl
  • free lolly bags
  • nail painting & nail art
  • funky coloured hairspray
  • bubble fun
  • And plenty of princess fun!

Funky Chics can expect:

  • free mesh gloves
  • free gift for birthday girl
  • free lolly bags
  • nail painting & nail art
  • glitter makeup & body jewels
  • tattoos
  • funky musical statues
  • And heaps of funky fun!

Cool cucumbers can expect:

  • free spa gowns to wear
  • free gift for birthday girl
  • free cosmetic bags filled with lollies
  • spa manicures
  • peppermint foot soak and massage
  • facial mask with free head band
  • beauty quiz

And the coolest time they’ll ever have! We can guarantee they’ll never have a party like ours and they won’t stop talking about it for days!

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