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VIC, Australia

Marcia continues her role as a Public Speaker and in September 1998 was Chairman of the panel judging the 1998 Arthur Andersen Best Business Practice Award.

Brief History       

  • As Chief Executive Officer of POLA Cosmetics Australia and New Zealand between October 1987 and December 1997, Marcia Griffin is believed to be one of the few Caucasian women in the world to have ever headed up a Japanese company.
  • POLA Cosmetics, unheard of in Australia before 1982, is a $3bn corporation based in Tokyo.
  • Marcia joined the Australian franchise who started marketing POLA in 1982, as the solitary sales person, by December 1997 she had built the company to a multi-million dollar business, with approximately 4,700 POLA consultants across Australia and New Zealand.
  • In December 1997, Marcia sold back her share of the Pola business to the parent company to take on other challenges.
  • Prior to commencing with POLA Cosmetics, Marcia worked as an Economist at the Australian Wool Corporation during which time she travelled the world extensively.
  • Marcia's educational qualifications are BA (Melbourne University), Dip. Ed (Monash University), B. Commerce (Melbourne University), MBA Preliminary Year (Melbourne University).
  • In May 1995 Marcia won the Telstra Victorian Business Woman of the Year Award.
  • In November 1995 she was a keynote speaker in Chicago at the Arthur Andersen 1995 Enterprise Best Business Practices Symposium.
  • In 1996-1998 Marcia was on the Advisory Board of Werribee Park (Tourist Centre), in 1997-2000, the Board of Tourism Victoria and 1998-2001 the Board of Melbourne Storm- that position made her the second woman only (after Dawn Fraser) in Australia to hold a Rugby League board position!
  • Her current Board roles include the giant publishing, printing and distribution group PMP (Magazines include New Idea), the Queen Victoria Market and the Wholesale Fish Market, the 2002 World Masters Games, National Pharmacies and the St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research.
  • In July 1998 Marcia published a book about her life and business - High Heeled Success.
  • In addition to her directorships, Marcia works as a Business Strategy consultant with an architectural and interior design company CARR Design Group. In the first six weeks of working with the firm she introduced a $150 million dollar project. Her belief is that the same principles apply across all businesses -quality product, total customer focus, motivated people and great systems.

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