If you or your organisation have a website lost in Cyberspace, you've got to hear web marketing strategies in plain English.

Scrborough Beach, Perth, WA, Australia

Learn how Ben has achieved MASSIVE increases in site popularity for his clients and own sites.

Ben will analyse and explain strengths and weaknesses of your organisation's site and that of your competitors. All the geek speak from self proclaiming professional search engine marketing specialists, such as "we'll improve your keywords meta tag" etc does not matter one iota.

Before you waste web marketing funds on cheap keyword search engine marketing, you need to ask: "demonstrate search engine successes you've achieved for your clients' COMPETITIVE keyword phrases?" Search engine marketing website promotion 4 Web Marketing explained in plain English.

Terms explained with online examples such as: HTML validation by standards organisation Generic phrases. Difference between link popularity and site popularity or the difference between one position one or 100 phrases position 2 page 2. Keyword selection and density. Link Exchange. PPC (pay per click) bids for search marketing. Page titles. Description meta tag. Spamming search engines. Alt image tags. Etc, etc, etc.... Learn

Ben's search engine optimisation secrets which for example have got him first in the world on major search engines for phrases such as "search engine rules" Learn how with a small budget you can achieve the site popularity of organisations which spend millions of dollars on their webs.

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