Trade Show Entertainer SPECIALIST and Crowd Builder for your trade show exhibit, BUILDS CROWDS, STOPS TRAFFIC- YOUR STAND WILL DOMINATE THE TRADE SHOW
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Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Popular in the US and UK,  and just taking off in Australia

Standing atop of a 20 inch high riser, the charismatic Welzman uses his remarkable verbal skills and mind-control demonstrations to attract crowds to your stand. Once there these crowds hear a persuasive welzman pitch about how your product (or service) will change their lives


What Welzman does for YOU

There are 3 things David Does For your Company
All explained in greater detail below

The Crowd Building Infotainer- 
just like the video explains on the first page
Welzman creates massive crowds, conveys your message and gets the crowd to take action

Learns Your Product
Welzman comes to you to learn your product so he can design a unique pitch for the exhibition

Trains Your staff how to work the exhibit
Welzman will come into your office and work hands on with those staff exhibiting at the stand- He will train them on how to work more effectively with his services and how to generate leads

Explanations in Detail

The Crowd Building Infotainer (See the video below)

Welzman works all day at your exhibition to build traffic, stop traffic in crowds and convey your message using entertainment enriched presentations that are fully interactive and engaging- finally welzman compels each crowd to take action such as coming into the stand for more info and at the very least drop their business card- but Welzman's focus is to generate leads for your business not just business cards.

Learns Your Product

Welzman will come to meet you to learn everything about your product, your business, it's history- everything- He needs this in order to create a unique and motivating sales presentation for the stand- Welzman does not just turn up to build a crowd- he also educates your target market about your key products, service, features & Benefits

Trains Your staff how to work the exhibit

Welzman will train your staff in two pre show meetings on how to effectively exhibit, Welzman will train your staff on

  • How to qualify customers fast & efficiently
  • How to create a powerful sales presentation
  • How to generate leads using a lead generation form & what to do with it
  • Stand layout, how to present your stand more effectively
  • Cost saving exhibiting marketing strategies that will save you potentially thousands
  • What to do NOW before the exhibition that will help you follow up more effectively

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