Leadership is not so much about being a motivator, rather thinking curiously & encouraging your people to do the same. If you ever want to do something that is ground breaking then you need to think differently than how its been done before.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

"The more I think I understand about leadership, the more I realize its not just about being a motivator, rather being an enabler that encourages those we lead to think with curiousity. If we just try to motivate our team what substance do we impart to make a change other than an "attitude" shift. We must provide our people with purpose to to create space to expand. Because when they do they become advocates of what we do.That provides motivation that lasts" 

With over 15 years of effective communication to individuals, small groups and conferences of thousands, He is passionate about building purpose led leadership in the individual and enabling them to think with curiousity.

Dan started his first I.T business at the age of 18 and has successfully started, grown and sold multiple businesses since that time. Drawing from over 17 years experience in not-for-profit, governement and executive corporate leadership.

Dan is a Board member for the Leadership Institute Of Australia and a sought after speaker with a cause to equip leaders with more than just a passion for people. Be the leader that you would want to follow.

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