Jamal entertains international corporate audiences with a unique, passionate, and heartfelt style of communicating.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Jamal has compounded a variety of life experiences traveling and living around the world including Morocco, Norway, Canada, France and now Australia to discover what are the universal forces that both create change and define how we live our lives? He has combined this with his extensive trainings in success mindset, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Leadership to develop a coaching company that produces outstanding results in the lives of many. His purpose is to awaken the force within each person to become the master of their own destiny; to take back power and control of their life for the purpose of creating the life they truly desire.

When Jamal is speaking to audiences, he gives more than just a presentation, he gives them an experience that connects with them on an emotional level. Clearly, he is a powerful force both physically and emotionally. Jamal customizes all of his presentations for the group he is speaking with. He immerses himself into his audience’s culture and connects with them on an emotional level. Using positive energy, wit, and insight, Jamal fills the room with excitement that can be felt as soon as you walk in and never fades during the course of the presentation.

When it comes to booking motivational talent for your next event, you have many options to choose from. In fact, you may not know exactly where to start in deciding who is best equipped to speak to your group, deliver a strong message and inspire the audience. Some speakers may be funny, others clever, a few more may bring a spiritual element and others may have the key ability to draw in the audience. What if you could find all these elements and more in one powerful speaker? The short answer is…You can! Jamal Lazaar is everything listed above and more. Whether the audience is filled with high school kids, college students, young professionals or senior executive, Jamal has the keen ability to engage the audience while at the same time motivating them to real action in order to change their lives in a positive manner.

Jamal Lazaar Demo Video:

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