Base Jumper

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Nic excels at linking his presentations to any event objective, where corporate morale, team-building, project management or sales targets, can all seem an insurpassable mountain or world-record jump.

Nic combines a powerful speech with spectacular images, including the heart-stopping visual impact of his jump Great Trango Tower. The immediate audience reaction is often stunned silence...followed by wild applause.

His impact and the benefits of his message have long-term and inspiring effect.

Brief History                                                                                      

  • Nic Feteris climbed the 6,200 metre high Great Trango Tower in Pakistan, and parachuted off to make the world's highest base-jump.
  • He pursued his vision for five years to achieve the feat, overcoming huge bureaucratic, financial and physical obstacles along the way.
  • Nic's project achieved many things. It broke world records and made film and adventuring history. More importantly, it validated Nic's belief in his power to plan and create his own future and achieve his highest (literally) ambitions. It tested him way beyond what he thought were his limits of physical and mental strength, his commitment, his teamwork, his initiative and his competencies. And the result was that he extended his boundaries and created a whole new platform from which he could again "go where he'd never been before".
  • What's exciting about Nic is the universal messages, both business and personal, intrinsic to his achievements. We all have metaphorical mountains we'd like to climb, heights from which we'd like to take wing and fly further. Nic provides insights into how to "make the jump" that makes pursuing our visions possible, and how to make the journey "getting there" safe.
  • The apparent daredevilry of Nic's feats should not be mistaken for impulsiveness. He is a highly experienced and knowledgeable expert in his field (in parallel, he is an equally experienced business and marketing professional), whose survival as an adventurer depends on taking risk in a managed, responsible way and with a vital attitude of personal ownership for safety and success.

·         His achievements are founded in what for him are the sacred three "P"s of Planning, Preparation and Practice.


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