Sherry Clewlow offers a humorous and practical perspective on why the right nutritional balance is so vital to both our wellness and frame of mind.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

What fuels and motivates a successful team? What limits every individual or company from reaching full potential? What's enabling you to concentrate while reading this? The answer is energy.

Every organisation lives or dies on the energy levels of its teams and decision makers. In a time when stress-related illnesses and fatigue are at an all time high, currently costing Australian companies over $79.4 million per year, the most valuable resource a business can possess is an energised; positive and healthy workforce. But in a world where not a day goes by without another food scare or introduction of the next energy-sapping diet craze. How can employers provide the right information and support, in order to encourage their workforce to take control of their own energy levels?

Sherry Clewlow offers a humorous and practical perspective on why the right nutritional balance is so vital to both our wellness and frame of mind. Her demonstrations through Foodlovers Workshops are designed to demystify nutrition, exciting audiences about making life-changing food choices to improve their energy levels. Sherry's focus is on taking control over the foods we consume and discovering the right produce and preparation to suit your own lifestyle. Her 'hands on' workshops encourage audiences to really have fun with cooking and realise that not only television chefs can create something delicious and healthy.

Equally as important as taking the right first steps, with the right information, is equipping audiences with the enthusiasm and courage to maintain healthy eating patterns at home. Sherry involves participants in an on-going programme to ensure they feel supported and informed long after the event has finished. From a dedicated email address for any food and health related questions, through to the option of a regular newsletter containing recipes, information and encouragement. Sherry is also able to tailor long-term mentoring programmes, getting whole teams involved in keeping each other healthy and energized.

Her infectious passion for fresh produce and constant research into food quality, have made Sherry an internationally recognized authority on cutting through the confusion surrounding nutrition. Having also appeared regularly on both Australian and Canadian television, she has shared the stage with many celebrated chefs including Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein. Through Foodlovers Workshops Sherry currently combines her expertise as a chef, past chair of Nutrition Australia and food devotee to developing a number of unique additions to conferences and events.

Food for thought:

The way we eat in developed nations is killing us in a time when science has provided the means to have greater health than ever before. The mainstream diet is a major contributor to most lifestyle diseases as well as zapping precious energy from our busy lives.

How do we eat better not just for a week but for a lifetime?

Sherry inspires and motivates audiences to choose, prepare and eat luscious food every day and promises you will love every bite of it!

Sherry Clewlow: Profile

 Australia, and especially Melbourne, has been lucky enough to attract some extremely talented and vivacious Chefs, but none more so than Sherry Clewlow. This Canadian born Australian is not only a great Chef but a dynamic presenter and award winning speaker.

Sherry arrived in Australia in 1989, and has since worked in some of the best restaurants, developed the Food Lover's workshop, and sits on numerous boards. All this from someone who grew up in the culinary equivalent of a gastronomic black hole! While brief inspirational working stints with the likes of Charlie Trotter, Teage Ezard, Geoff Lindsay and Stephanie Alexander has given Sherry her passion for food, it is her research into produce, where it has come from and how it is pro

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