Beat up some business, with Chrisse Feros & The Drummers of Toumba! Toumba!
Drumming workshops, teambuilding programs and concert performances.

Brisbane, All Australian States, QLD, Australia

Internationally awarded and all multiple endorsed drummers and percussionists perform in this exciting group. Chrisse Feros & The Drummers of Toumba! Toumba! perform as "DRUMFIRE" - with over 6 hundred full size African Djembe's in their stocks, they bring to their participants a new sense of teambuilding, a new sense of working towards common goals, a, rekindling of their own artistic creativity, and more than anything else a fun, fun, fun time!

Drumfire is an international drumming group based in Brisbane. The group holds many awards, as well as boasting endorsements from major percussion and drum companies. Performances and clients include the State Government, Darling Harbour Authority, The Australian and French High Commission, performances have also included the Olympic Games held in Sydney in 2000. All member of "DRUMFIRE" are master drummers, and deliver outstanding presentations leaving the clients with those "feelgood vibes". With resources of over 1000 african drums and percussion instruments, programs can be designed to suit long distance travel or local venues Programs can also be designed to suit most budgets.

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