Project and Event Space, Bar and DJ/VJ Acts

Melbourne, VIC, Australia



LOOP is a new concept in presenting art. LOOP is an innovative, contemporary project space/program set up within the social ambience of a bar backdrop. At LOOP an alternative art institution meets a bar. The backbone of LOOP is the presentation of screen based art: film, fine art video and new digital media. Two permanent 20 feet by 12 feet custom made projection screens feature within the two main exhibition spaces at LOOP. The LOOP programming is augmented with content from performance artists, sound artists, designers and spoken word orators. LOOP’s program is multi-disciplinary and we encourage the crossing of disciplines and the merging of disparate media. By promoting new technologies and mixed media in a social environment, LOOP breaks down traditional models of both the conventional white cube gallery and the predictable static ambience of a bar, thereby creating an unusual hybrid. Thus LOOP is an event-based venue, constantly changing and evolving around new developments in contemporary art. Art in a variety of forms is programmed daily-nightly six days a week. However, you don't have to be attending an art-based event to enjoy the versatility of Loop. The bar itself is an alluring place for a quiet beer with friends or an evening full of cocktail indulgence and eclectic tunes soaked up until the very late hours. Bar manager Kristin Bacon says 'Loop is about individuality, creativity and expression. Through inspiring screen imagery, subtle design aesthetics, lush tunes and exceptional drinks we provide a unique ambience that is unpretentious and inviting to all’.

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