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MEDIA RELEASE “Amazing Knights performing AT CASTLE HILL” The first weekend in December will see one of the most extraordinary fund raising events ever to take place in Sydney. This unique experience needs to be seen to be believed. Whilst witnessing a great family event a greater good is served in supporting the raising of funds for Children with cancer.

The Event is the Sydney Medieval Fayre which is being held at the Castle Hill Showgrounds December 2nd and 3rd 2006, from 12noon to 8pm in the evening. It is the excitement generated when full contact Knights on Horses in an accurate portrayal of this medieval sport.

The medieval knights create an old style romantic setting just as seen in the movies! It was known in medieval days as “Jousting”… Definitely the domain of Kings and Noble Knights. What makes this special is that it is full contact jousting……… THE REAL THING!

The Medieval festival will bring together many of Australia’s leading re-enactment groups. The performers will not only engage in very exacting costumes and period lifestyle, the re-enactments will be living history portrayals. Mr Callagcan, the organizer says …… “Just imagine two horses 100 yards apart charging headlong toward each other at a full gallop, each rider in 40 kg of Armour, with a lance of 6 metres aimed at the rider coming toward him in an attempt to dislodge his competitor”. All in the hope of winning his lady’s favour!!!

There is also a serious side to the weekend which is known as the Australian Medieval Sword Fighting Championships. The Championships will see at least 50 competitors in four different divisions bidding to become the first “Australian Sword Fighting Champion”. Medieval Sword fighting is a totally different to the sword fighting we know as the modern day “fencing”.

Competitors will handle broad swords ranging in 1.5 metres to up to 2.5 metres in length and weighing up to 4 kg. This competition has a very strict and stringent safety guideline in place to safeguard not just the competitors but the general public as well. If you add in the Viking battles, Roman Gladiator exhibitions, and with the authentic Medieval encampments this weekend is not only action packed but educational to boot. The Medieval Fayre has over 50 stalls displaying and selling items such as authentic swords through to all sorts of medieval hand crafted wares.

Australia is one of the world leaders in the staging of medieval tournaments and historical re-enactments. Many of the performers at this year’s tournament will be using it as a lead up to the World Medieval Sword Fighting Titles and chance to further enhance a bid for the Sydney to host this special Tournament in 2007/8.

It is expected that between 10 and 20 thousand people will file through the gates throughout the weekend. Even though the whole weekend is action packed, there are lots to do for children and the whole family. Belly dancing displays and pony rides should de a delight for the children.

The event is Alcohol free and provides residents of Sydney to see world class jousting and sword fighting up close and personal.

For further information contact Thomas Callagcan 0402491706


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