The Sunwater Burdekin Water Festival celebrates our bountiful water supply and showcases the best food, fashion, art and culture the region has to offer. Check out or email for more information

Ayr, QLD, Australia


The Sunwater Burdekin Water Festival’s 2009 theme is Wet and Wild which promises something for everyone and continues to attract locals and visitors from all walks of life, young and old. The festivities begin on Saturday 29 August with the Burdekin Ski Club Family Fun Day followed up by our first Signature Event Tastes of the Burdekin. The main street is closed and filled with fine food stalls and entertainment. Various competitions are held throughout the day with the Pro Hart Celebrity Art and the Wearable Art competitions, clear highlights. Another Signature Event is the Ambassador Program and Competition. A series of lead in events culminates with the Gala Ball and announcement of winners on Friday night 4 September. During the week a range of Associated Events fill the Festival program, culminating with the 3rd and final Signature Event on the closing day – Mardi Gras and Parade. This long standing highlight of the Festival where the road is closed again showcases the best of the strong community spirit, with a multitude of beautifully decorated floats participating. The Mardi Gras follows on, long into the night, with a large variety of food and drinks available. So join us and see why we love the Burdekin! check out - or email for more information

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