Big Things at the Australian Reptile Park - see daily exciting shows!!

Somersby, Gosford, NSW, Australia
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BIG THINGS At the Australian Reptile Park. See the new promotion BIG THINGS at the Australian Reptile Park; the ZOO with bite has just got BIGGER! Be amazed and in awe at the size of some the Reptile Parks BIGGEST residents! Did you know Eric the largest Crocodile in NSW is over 750kg in weight and Big Al is the largest American alligator in Australia.

In fact the Reptile Park is home to some of the BIGGEST reptiles in Australia – King Cobra, Alligator-snapping turtle (Leonardo who was found in the sewers of Sydney in the year 2000), Western diamondback rattlesnake, reticulated python, Galapagos tortoise, New Caledonian Gecko, Rough-scaled python, African bullfrog and more. Then there are the BIGGEST spiders including the Salmon Pink Tarantula, Goliath bird-eating and Indian Ornamental, as well as the BIGGEST scorpion!

It’s not just BIG animals at the Reptile Park there’s BIG icons like the 5 metre high statue of Sobek the crocodile god, the giant animatronics funnel-web spider in Spider World, the massive crocodile’s mouth where visitors take a brave step through to view reptiles in Lost World of Reptiles, the Frill neck lizard who overlooks visitors as they enter the park and Ploddy who stands above the freeway greeting visitors to the Central Coast. Every day throughout the holidays Roving Keepers will wander the Park with all sorts of wild critters for visitors to say hi to and pat.

There is so much to see and do including the many nature trails, loads of exciting daily wildlife shows, koalas, platypus, wombats BBQ’s, Children’s Adventure Playground and for those who like their animals cute and furry the park’s picnic area has a trio of new emu babies to entertain, as well as lots of kangaroos to feed - but look out for Lenny the Cape Barren Goose he can be a bit of a beakful! Learn, explore and follow the trail to see the BIG THINGS for BEST Family Funday Out!

Venue: Somersby on Sydney's Central Coast, close to the Sydney-Newcastle Expressway Price: Adult $20.00, Concessions:(student, senior or concession ID card must be shown) $13.00, Child (3-15 years) $10.00, Child (0-2 years) Free, Family (2 Adults + 2 Children 3-15 years) $52.00

Phone                              02 4340 1022



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