Club Voltaire is a unique, wonderfully eccentric and intimate theatre space, set to become the destination for emerging artists, but welcoming established artists as well.

North Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
03 9326 3006



Club Voltaire is proud to announce that the performance space is now available to hire. What we can offer you:

*3 choices of seating plans for your audience members. Premium seating, standard seating or a combination of both (1 or 2 rows of premium followed by more rows of standard seating)

*Promotion via our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed

*Online ticket booking service via

*A bar and snacks service for your audience along with a staff member to man the bar.

*A maintained backstage area with mirrors, lighting and space to hang your costumes and store your props.

*Tech rehearsal/Dress rehearsal within the space. Subject to availability. Club Voltaire doesn't just do theatre shows, we are happy to have artists hire the space for all sorts of other uses!

You may wish to have a band rehearsal, hold a bookclub, host life drawing classes, photography, showcase your music to potential wedding clients, have an industry awards night, dance workshops, acting workshops, painting workshops or any other kind of artistic workshop. Facilities at Club Voltaire include a stage and theatre seating area (which can become clear floorspace if you please) and a sink backstage, 2 downstairs workshops spaces, male and female toilets, and a shower . A small entrance and bar area that leads into the upstairs theatre space which can be manned to serve your guests, but only during the hours of 7pm-10pm.

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