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Entertain Oz is Australia 's Premier Online Entertainment Directory and booking service with the edge of web technology. We have thousands of visitors coming to our website every day looking to book quality entertainment. Being on will mean you get 24 hour exposure for your act to clients such as:

Public Events
Trade Shows
Shopping Centres
International clients
& many more!

We are an online catalogue of entertainers and services. Our aim is to get you more bookings doing what you love doing… entertaining!

How do I add my Listing?

Fill in the ‘Add Listing' form. Entertain Oz will assess your application. If accepted we will forward you the details of how to load your own promotional material. Just follow the instructions! You can apply to have as many acts/shows represented on the website as you like.

What promotional material do I need for my webpage at Entertain Oz?

You are required to have the following promotional material such as

Write up - A good saleable write up that promotes and highlights your act / show
Photos - Good photos that present your act /show. Ideally source images will be around 640 x 480 pixels in size. If they are wider we ask you to keep them 640 pixels in height.
Biography - A performance history of your experience and places that you have performed.
Songlist - (For bands & musicians). Include a full repertoire list that you have.
Demo - (For bands & musicians). A demo that is up to 2 min in length and as small a file size as possible. This can be an mp3 or Windows Media Player format. It should be a selection of different songs/music that you perform. It could be one file made up of 6 20 second clips / tracks.
Prices - You will need to inform Entertain Oz of your fees. We know that prices do vary but we will need to have a guideline as to what you would charge for corporate, public and private events.
Video - Video footage is a great feature that can help you to get more bookings. This will need to be posted to Entertain Oz for us to be able to pass on to the clients when requested. It should be agent friendly, meaning that it should not have any contact details on it (address, phone numbers, email address or website address).
If you would like to have a short video clip on the website, it needs to be around 25 seconds in length and no larger than 300 KB.

Contact Details - You will need to inform us of your name, postal address, e-mail address and contact numbers (landline and mobile) for us to contact you if we have a booking enquiry.

Should you have any trouble preparing your promotional material/demos/videos, please feel free to contact us as we can then direct you to an expert who can assist you for a nominal fee.

In essence, this is your online pamphlet/brochure that potential clients will peruse. MAKE IT GOOD!

What categories should my act be in?

Have a look at the selection of categories. You may find more than one category that your act/show fits into. Select the categories that your act / show is suitable for. For example your band may be suitable for Corporate and for Weddings as well as coming under the Function Band category. The purpose of selecting categories is to help your potential clients to find you with ease.

What if I need to update my listing or be removed from the website?

You will have a password and may change / update your info when you desire. This will of course be met with approval by Entertain Oz before being registered on the website. It is very important to keep your listing current and up to date or delete it should you no longer be in the business of performing. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP YOUR ONLINE BROCHURE LOOKING THE BEST IT COULD.

How quickly should I contact Entertain Oz if we have left a message / enquiry for you?

Straight away. The quicker we respond to the client, the sooner we may find out wether the booking may go ahead or not.

What happens after I have let Entertain Oz know that I am available?

We ask you to hold the spot for a reasonable amount of time (which will be worked out for each enquiry on its own merit). If you have not heard back from us within that time frame, we do not ask you to hold the spot any longer as we. We may not get back to you unless the booking goes ahead and would hate to be responsible for you missing out on any other work.

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