A young and energetic alternative style band with experience in performing around Brisbane.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Doctor Barkle has been together since September 1999. However, guitarist Peter O'Brien and bassist Paul Grasso have been playing together since the age of 10, having first met each other in 1989. Peter, who had been playing guitar for a couple of years, taught Paul the basics, and they started jamming after school. Living in Townsville, North Queensland, they played in various bands with school friends, and performed in local band competitions. After finishing school and moving to Brisbane, they were eager to form a more serious project.

After six months of procrastination, the boys answered an ad in a local music store for a drummer. This drummer happened to be one Shane Ladynski, and through a stroke of luck he was exactly what Peter and Paul were looking for. Experienced and into the same style of music Shane hit it off with the boys from word go. This however was not Shane's first band, having been playing in bands in Mackay for 4 years previously.

The three boys trialed numerous singers but, even though some were close to the mark, none worked out, and so the search continued. Week after week of auditions finally led them to Joel Feros. Joel, although having no experience in a band, impressed the boys straight away with his natural skills, and strong vocal stylings, and so Doctor Barkle was formed.

The name was produced by a conversation between the boys about Doc Martin shoes and then one thing led to another. After hours and hours of intensive writing and rehearsal, they have worked hard to create a sound that involves various styles of music, drawing influences from a wide array of bands. They have begun gigging around Brisbane, and continue to create an individual style, which is Doctor Barkle.

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