Dolly Blitz are a 4-piece Alternative Rock group that performs in and around Melbourne and Geelong

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
The members of Dolly Blitz are:
  • Sharon : Vocals, Guitars and Drums
  • Stewart : Drums, Vocals and Guitars
  • Luke (Axeman From Hell!) : Guitars
  • Tyrone : Bass Guitar

We have been playing locally around the Western suburbs of Melbourne for most of this time. Recently we have started to play more regularly at inner suburban venues in Melbourne and also in Geelong at such venues as the Metro, Royal Derby Hotel, House Of Fools, the Dan O'Connell Hotel and the Barwon Club Hotel.

We have played at many Freeza organised events and other youth festivals etc.

Since the beginning of the year we have added a new guitarist (Axey) and completed recordings of our second EP which we are hoping to release to the public sometime soon.

We have played with a number of more well known bands including Killing Heidi, Mach Pelican, Magic Dirt, Violetine, Non-Intentional Lifeform, Biscuit, Tiltmeter and Gravel.

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