Glister have worked together as a team for about three years now. - Rock, Pop, Alternative

Blaxland, Sydney, NSW, Australia
The young commanders on the Glister Space-Station are expert astronauts. They are:

Commander of the team is the very vocal Samantha. She has been singing about the stars since she was a young girl and has a very sweet sounding voice.

She has been compared to the likes of Lt. 'Lisa Loeb' and her mentoring has come from 'The Corrs' Observatory and 'Madder Rose' Space Centre.

Space Station designer and rhythm guitar maintainence is Mark. He has been in space about five years but wishes he was better leading the solo ships. His astronomical influences range from Planet 'Smudge' to 'Sepultura' Space Station.

Mark flys his copy Telecaster, Jaguar and the Peavey Bandit.

At the lower end of the station is Chris. Chris used to fly solo in 'Plastic Dinosaur' Squadron, and has now become an accomplished four winger. He has an 'Ibanez bass' Shuttle which he programs through a Fender amp that is so big it has its own fan to cool itself.

His interests range from Star 'Sebadoh' to the suns of 'Metallica'. Our fighter pilot is Troy . Troy is a self taught expert who beats the skins off any extra terrestrials that may threaten. He trained by learning "Metallica" and its defensive moon (lars' butt!), and has progressed on to learn many different fighter pilot styles.

His craft of choice is a "Tama" with "Z" armory and "Pearl" hardware. His most recent purchase was a "China" gun.

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