It's rock, it's Pop, it's Blues, it's Ska and throw in a bit of Jazz and any thing else that comes to mind.

Canberra, NSW, Australia
How do you introduce a new hand like Kandi Doz It ? first try and describe their music, it's rock, it's pop, it's blues, it's ska and throw in a bit of jau and any thing else that comes to mind and you might get a little idea of what this band can do. You then try and describe the people in Kandi first the songwriter/guitarist who can write songs that will move your soul or a tune that will have you wanting to dance the night away a drummer who cut his teeth playing rock but always had a love of the alternate then there is the bass player who has her own unique style and provides the band with a solid rhythm sound but has the inner feelings to make the bass lines say something and last but not least the lead guitarist who at times adds the edge or the mood to make the songs. As you can see Kandi Doz It are not your usual hand and after listening to this CD 1 am sure you will agree that no matter how you try to put a label on them the one that fits is they are a great band who produce fantastic music for your pleasure.

Kandi Doz It

  • Lib  -  Acoustic guitarllead vocals
  • Kimbo  -  Drums
  • Lisa  -   Bass and vocals
  • Gadget   -  Lead guitar and vocals
  • Sax and flute played by Richard Boot
  • all songs written by Lib
  • engineered and produced by Jon Robertson

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