What are these strange figures? They look like wizards or chess pieces or are they whirling dervishes? And the way they move! They glide across the ground like a group of benign Daleks?..they're totally weird.

Sydney, NSW, Australia
But their music! It's so catchy, so hummable and danceable. The Worlds Klang get all kinds of reactions. The conical costumes are made from brilliant blue lycra, scattered, as if by some cosmic explosion, with shiny silver planets. When the Klang hovers in to view, all heads turn, but the stunned looks invariably give way to delighted smiles when the groove hits.

The World's Klang will stand out in any crowd. With their gorgeously brocaded and bannered costumes, and their infectiously joyous music they're sure to turn heads and turn on ears.

The line up, which consists of trumpet, two trombones, tuba and drum, can be reduced to three, or expanded, with the addition of percussion, up to eight (or even more - a 14 piece variant played in the Centenary of Federation Parade on New Year s Day this year). The expanded group, with West African djembe, Brazillian bass sordo and Latin Amerucan timbale makes a uniquely massive impact, great for festivals and parades. They play music from all over the world: salsa, samba, soca, ska, reggae, jazz, New Orleans, funk, and even Macedonian wedding music.

The Klang are all professional musicians with credentials ranging from the Sydney Opera and Ballet Orchestra to Jackie Orszaczky's Godmothers. They are a fully acoustic roving band, great as icebreakers, crowd movers and for mingling and interacting.

The group was formed in 1991 and has performed many hundreds of times, notably at the Sydney and Canberra Festivals, the Kiama, Manly, Newport and Darling Harbour Jazz Festivals, Fox Studios, Rocks Markets, World Cup Soccer and the Sydney Olympics.

"An exciting mix of colour, movement and music, perfect for the large crowds at Darling Harbour. The World's Klang really know how to entertain." - Sharon thomas, Darling Harbour Entertainment.

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