3rd above comprises of 3 family members, Jonathan Geange, Jodie Geange and Julie James.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

3rd Above

3rd above comprises of 3 family members, Jonathan Geange, Jodie Geange and Julie James.This Brisbane based trio has been working full-time in the Australian "covers" circuit for the past six years. 3rd above perform at many popular venues around Queensland including residencies on Hamilton Island,Daydream Island,Treasury Casino, Sheraton Hotel and Palazzo Versace.

3rd above appeared on the first series of Ch. 9's Star Struck early last year. They performed their own song "Month of Sundays" on the first show, successfully making it through to the wildcard final where they performed another one of their original songs. Out of over 1200 auditioning acts across Australia only 30 finalists were chosen for the televised series

3rd above have been honing their skills in songwriting and recording through out the past few years, and released their debut self-titled CD late last year

About Jonathan

Jonathan is a former guitarist of the triple "Grammy" nominated band "The Newsboys". He toured the USA and Europe for two years, playing to audiences of up to 20,000 people per show

Jonathan not only enjoys playing the guitar but he also enjoys recording and producing music. Jonathan also loves digital photography, computers and the XBOX !

His musical influences are widely diversified. Jonathan enjoys music from blues through to rock. His favourite guitarists are Robben Ford, Tommy Emmanuel and S.R.V.

About Jodie

Jodie's voice has been heard on many television and radio commercials across Australia as a session singer since the age of 16

Jodie has performed as a lead and backing vocalist on many local artists albums. She was also part of a small vocal group performing at the Brisbane concerts of Michael Bolton and Barry Manilow

Jodie has been musically influenced by artists such as Whitney Houston, Sheryl Crow and Amy Grant

About Julie

Julie has recorded on various local albums, and has been involved with many gospel choirs around Brisbane. She was also part of the same vocal group which was featured in the Michael Bolton and Barry Manilow concerts in Brisbane. Julie has honed her skills by singing in a wide variety of venues, from churches to casinos

Julie was first recorded at the age of 11, on a series of childrens albums. These recordings were distributed throughout Australia and the world

Her musical influences range from R&B to gospel and pop.

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