Azure are a Melbourne band, who play a mixture of covers and originals. Azure's melodic blend of acoustic pop appeals to a wide range of people, and evokes positive responses wherever they perform.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Azure are a fresh, original Melbourne band who have created a dynamic and distinctive 'funky Pop' sound, combining folk, funk, rock and world music influences. Azure take you on a diverse musical journey, from sensual, ambient ballads, to powerful melodies with infectious grooves, to funky up beat songs.

      Singer, songwriter, Jane McGeough, on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, is a passionate performer, with outstanding vocal flair.  Bass player Will Oldmeadow and drummer Craig Edwards provide Azure with a strong rhythmic backdrop of creative grooves.  Greg McMillan adds an array of colour, with ‘catchy’ funk feels, dynamic melodies and a variety of modern sounds on electric and acoustic guitars.  With great vocal harmonies, and the smooth sounds of Saxophone or Trumpet, Azure create an energetic and engaging performance.  

      Azure’s lyrics, written by Jane McGeough, are a large part of the band's identity.  Honest, emotive and insightful, her songwriting gives an edge to Azure’s unique blend of pop that distinguishes them from other bands.

      Early in 1999, Azure independently released their debut self titled EP, which featured the sounds of flute and violin.  For the launch of the CD the band performed a host of sell out shows at venues around Melbourne including  ‘The Continental’ and the ‘Evelyn Hotel’Hotel HHh.  Azure also gained further exposure with live performances and interviews on radio stations such as 3Triple R, 3PBS, 3CR and Triple 7 FM.  The EP has since received excellent reviews establishing the band on the independent Australian music scene. 

      Since forming the band in 1997, Azure has performed regularly at numerous pubs, cafés and music festivals in Melbourne and country Victoria captivating audiences wherever they have played.  Azure have performed with acts such as Vanessa Amorosi, Archie Roach, Chris Wilson, Penelope Swales, Rubi Fruit Jungle, Greg Arnold, and Dalraida.  Through their live performances, CD sales and popular web site Azure have gained a fast growing following.      

Over the last year and a half Azure have continued to evolve and more strongly define their music. The band has written bursts of new and interesting material, and developed a combination of new sounds and instrumentation which will place the band in a wider and possibly global music market. Currently, Azure are in the process of a new recording project, show casing their latest and strongest material yet. Over the next few months of 2001 the band plans to release and promote a single, which will certainly bench mark Azure as fine Australian home grown talent.

"Acoustic driven music that takes you to another place .... at times haunting and other times Powerful, Azure cross and explore the boundaries' Rob Harwood. - Harwood Musical services.

"One of the best folk rock acts 1 have ever heard ... from the first listen you know Azure is something different. " Stephen Green - Music journalist

"An excellent EP from Azure, who combine all the elements of light rock, folk and more traditional sounding ballads to create this great sounding EP which will surely transport the band into the charts given coverage from any self respecting radio station". Terry, Alien - Music journalist

"Demonstrating one of the most melodic voices that Oz has heard in a long time, Jane MeGeough, front woman of azure certainly what it takes to make people stop and listen!" Stephen RAFX - Music journalist

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