3, 4 or 5pc lounge/dance band for cruise ship, hotel 5* and/or others gigs

Sicily, Palermo, OTH, Italy

“Night & Day” was formed in Italy back in 2002 by Giro, together with Emy and Ciro. We plays regularly in most popular hotel 5*, cruise ships, special occasions, pubs and clubs around the world (the lasts contracts: from 12-2005 to 05-2006 “Domina Coral Bay” in sharm el sheikh; and from 05-2006 to now “Sofitel Timi Ama” in Sardinia).

The vast repertoire consists of all styles of music from Jazz, Pop, and energetic dance/Rock-n-Roll tracks from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, as well as a mixture of popular Italian and Latin American standards. Consisting of multi-instrumentalists Giro and Ciro, ”Night & Day” offers a great performance for any audience. Forming the heart of the music, together they offer the versatility of sax, guitar, drums, keyboards and vocals.

Combined with the soulful sounds of Emy on lead vocals, ”Night & Day” can cater to any musical taste encountered. “Night & Day” has the added ability to perform as a trio, four or five piece band. Making the possibilities endless, ”Night & Day” can entertain a gathering of fifty or a crowd of thousands. With a winning combination of great music, talent and entertainment, ”Night & Day” will make your event a success!!!

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