The music of Psycho Taiko is an ever-evolving blend of world drumming rhythms combined with more than 15 years of teaching, learning, and performing in the music industry.

Gosford, NSW, Australia

The main influence in the Psycho Taiko's Show is the technique and discipline of Japanese Taiko Drumming, and ancient expression of peace and harmony through the thunderous sounds of “Big Drums”...“Taiko”!

The emphasis of The Psycho’s music is balanced around the Visual, Audio, and Melodic elements supported by discipline, elegance, and a lot of power!

With the thunderous rhythms established around tranquil melodies, our music takes a large lean towards a visual show when it comes to live performances and influenced by the eminent style of traditional Taiko, our shows therefore always strive to capture the audience visually, as well as technically.

Although the technique and main rhythms are of Japanese origin, The Psycho's big influence and attraction to African and Latin rhythms have inevitably crept into some of the repertoire. The dance-like feel of 6/8 time signatures and happy chant melodies on African Log Drums and Asian Xylophones united with the pounding range of Taiko Drums, not to mention the choreographed stick and arm movements and a few vocal calls to complete the sound, delivers the bold and exciting sound of Psycho Taiko.

The Psycho's are available for Corporate, Community or Private Workshops. This exciting way of building team spirit or just learning the art of communication has proven to work for all ages... from school kids to business people!

A workshop can be catered to any groups needs and doesn’t always need to be strictly Taiko Drumming.
Psycho Taiko also offers general percussion, Drum Kit, and combined classes depending on student numbers and available instruments.

A 1-hour Drumming workshop may involve discipline and concentration exercises and is always demanding some physical endurance but guarantees students a real ‘high’ to hear themselves playing big drums in time with a group of friends or colleagues, and if you don’t know anyone when you arrive your sure to be best of friends at the end of the class as these groups are a great way to learn communication without words – through rhythm and time – but be warned it can be quiet hypnotic at times! Classes can be arranged for schools, camps, functions, or even weekend and regular occasions.



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