Catalina is a professional, experienced self-contained duo with exceptional harmonies, solid live guitar work and authentic backing tracks. Their extensive songlist includes your pop, rock, country, blues and jazz favorites.

Staunton, Washington D.C., OTH, United States

Who is Catalina?

Catalina brings you exceptional vocal harmonies, solid guitar work and an entertaining stage performance that set a new standard of professionalism in the world of working hi-tech duos. Comprised of Chris Amsler and Abbey Linfert, the American husband & wife team are seasoned veterans of the music world. Combined they have played thousands of shows in settings ranging from cruiseships, hotels, corporate events & weddings to dinner theater, wineries, festivals, bars, clubs and stage productions worldwide. You can always count on Catalina for high quality, dynamic and professional performances. From contemporary pop, rock & country to blues & jazz standards (and everything in between), Catalina has an endless repertoire that can be tailored to suit your occasion.


What makes Catalina different?
Unlike most of today's hi-tech duos, Catalina has recorded real instruments to accompany them. This makes for a more authentic “live” band experience. No pre-programmed drum machines or synthesized bass lines, which tend to give songs a sterile sound. As multi-instrumentalists, Catalina realizes the importance of a natural sounding rhythm section to support their live guitar and vocals. That’s why they play and record each instrument’s backing track for every song.


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