Decoy are one of the leading live electronic acts in Australia today

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Their highly individual sound has earned them the reputation of true innovators on the cutting edge of contemporary music; innovators in that they create a solid musical hybrid in a world grappling with a huge variety of cultural influences.

The members of Decoy are all renowned musicians who have come together with a common passion for electronic dance forms. Their music draws upon a mix of styles and a wealth of combined experience, creating an uplifting and charismatic sound which defies categorisation.

Decoy make regular appearances at EARTHCORE, Australia's largest outdoor electronic music festival. They have had highly successful performances at the major festivals in and around Melbourne, including Brunswick St, Chapel St, St Kilda and Offshore, and are constantly working at all the main live music venues to capacity houses.As with their debut CD 'subversion', Decoy's live performances have received the most serious critical acclaim within almost every genre of contemporary music.

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