Elctro-Rock, Avante Guard, sounds to fill your ears and underpants.

Florida, OTH, United States

Who is DollhouseX? We are a techno band geared to snag an audience in our goodtime antics and rhythmic beat. DX is active in the music community by playing many shows as benefits and fundraisers. Most of all DX is poised on the forefront of the industry, creating a sound unique enough to draw audiences again and again, with over two hours of original material.

Previous Venues...
A.K.A. Lounge, Downtown Orlando
Austin Coffee and Film, Winter Park
Club Red, Gainesville, Fl
D.M.A.C. -Downtown Orlando
Finnegans, Flagler Beach, Fl
The Haven, Winter Park
Mr. Moes, Coconut Gorve, Fl
Orange Blossom Music Fest, Deland

Great vocals and guitars.
Great vocalist - I liked her voice a lot - a female Johnny Rotten...
I loved the guitar parts and their energy.
-Seattle, Washington

I liked it a lot!
-Harry Wise, aka "Mr. Magic"
Sanford Florida

Salacious and Sexy...
WMUC University of Maryland

-We receive air and net play in the US, Japan, UK, Ireland, Australia & Germany
-Over 1500 page views on per month and growing
-While still an independent project DollhouseX enjoys CD and downloads sales in Europe and the US

Luci Wretched was first recorded singing at age 3. From then on she knew music was her life's pursuit.

Versed in many styles of music, she sought to bring together her loves of electonic music and rock music. "I bring something that was equal parts excitment and appeal." says Wretched.

She first honed her rock and roll voice on old Black Sabbath tunes. Looking for a challange she emulated her idol, Diamanda Galas. "These styles are excellent, but I wanted to be known for something only I could do," wished Wretched "when you seek something you better be prepared to find it."

Wretched has opened for national acts such as Faith and Disease, Trance to the Sun, and Eva O, just to name a few. Her music has been featured in Implosion magazine's reader compilation, and also played live for WPRK Rollins College and WHOG-FM Daytona Beach. Currently DollhouseX is playing live at a variety of venues and fests.
"The key is to be always creating." says Wretched.

Cindle comes to the project as an active DJ from the Sarasota/Tampa Bay area. Her knowledge of the 'beat' makes her a natural with assorted percussion and back-up vocals. Be on the look out for DJ Cindle's debut CD very soon.

Find us on the Radio...
WPRK-FM, Orlando, Florida
WFDU-FM, NYC "The Shape of Things To Come"
WRAS-FM, Atlanta, Ga (Lethal Injection)
KWUR 90.3, St Louis, MO (Revolutions)
WMUC Radio "Depolarization"
WNRN 90.9 "The Core"
WJRR-FM, 101.1 Orlando, Florida
WOCL-FM, 105.9 Orlando, Florida
WTKS-FM, 104.1 Orlando, Florida
WSRN-FM 91.5, Swarthmore PA
KEDJ-FM 103.9, Scottsdale
WHOG-FM Daytona Beach, Florida

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