Earthly Delights is one of Australia's most inventive and interactive folk / world music bands and dance troupes - and one with enormous cross generational appeal.

Canberra, Any major city if transport is paid for, ACT, Australia

In addition to putting on classes, festivals and other events of its own, the Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy can contribute performances to shows which you are organising. We can customised them to meet your requirements be it for entertainment at a school, a fayre, a festival, a gallery, a living-history event, a wedding or a commercial function.  We can display (and/or get participation in) dances from any period (and nearly any land) from 1450 through to 1900 and match most period themes you might imagine (be it Italian Renaissance, French Baroque, German Rocco, English Regency, Austrlaian Colonial, Russian Imperial etc).  We prefer to perform indoors but can perform outdoors on suitable surfaces in the shade. Depending on your need, we can offer just a few members of the academy to lead, show, talk and/or play, or offer a 5 piece musical ensemble and dozen fully costumed dancers.

Since being founded in 1995, Earthly Delights has become well-known for being able to entertain people of all ages with both fine music and fun dancing. The Canberra Times has referred to their 'usual high standard of music' and John Garden's 'expert dance leading' and the Canberra Chronicle to their act as a 'sound and visual delight'. The musicians are not only accomplished at playing dance tunes from many different European traditions, but also at crossing traditional boundaries, mixing medieval and other instruments and blending Anglo-Celtic, Central European and other musical styles to produce exhilarating new music.

Inquirers from outside Canberra are encouraged to anticipate covering not just performance fee but also the cost for transport and accomodation for troupe dancers and musicians.

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