Hip, Rock and Funk - Bordello are recognized and respected as a hard working, successful and dedicated band who continually play a valuable part in Perth music.

Perth, VIC, Australia

Late 1997: [Thelonius Punk] was expelled for the 13th and final time from the brutal, barb wire confines of Gozzy High after an attempted scam (in which he used the staff car park as a 2nd hand used vehicle dealership, for a one day only, all stock must go, end of year run out).

This coincided with the release of his brother, [Humphrey Bogan] (who had already "graduated" from Gozzy High with similar honours himself) from a 3 year course at one of Perth's finest (re)Educational institutions (on good behaviour). Reunited the brothers embarked on a crime spree under the moniker "Yeasty Thrush Posse" (Y.T.P.), setting up many of the rackets which to this day, fund the extravagant and illustrious lifestyles enjoyed in the Bordello.

Early 1998: Their insidious and belligerent business tactics, as well as their sudden and unexplainable burgeoning bank balances attracted the wrong sort of attention. The young thugs were faced with a federal tax investigation. The boys began to look around for a legitimate business through which to launder the proceeds of their pimping, drug dealing and illegal gambling rackets.

Later on 1998: Enter [Tom Foolery]: Wanted in several countries for a transcontinental trail of forgeries, scams, con-jobs and jewel heists.. entering Australia under a false name (real identity not known to this day). He came to the attention of the Y.T.P. when a mobile phone sim card scam he was running cut in on the Yeasties turf. Utilizing the skills for which he is now infamous, at 3 am on the Fremantle warf, Foolery managed to talk his way out of a pair of concrete boots... and into a partnership in the Y.T.P. posse.

Early 1999: The Posse turned their attention the poorly run local indi music scene, incompetent promoters pushing bland pop on disinterested punters.... the shit was ripe for a take-over and the ad hock, cash in hand ethos would provide plenty of money laundering opportunities. The same thoughts had crossed the mind of one [Peter File], who was branching out from Adelaide's File Family and heading out west to start a syndicate of his own. He rechistened himself (re)Peter Fender and began a stand over operation in local bars and clubs with a pugnacious and systematic approach that even Y.T.P. had to admire. A hard and stubborn man, Fender's logic ran along the lines that just because he was now geographically in Western Australia, there was no reason why as a Adelaideian, he should no longer be allowed to grow 3 or 4 dope plants. Or 3 or 4 hundred for that matter.... especially if he had a larger and more powerful collection of sub machine guns, semi-automatic rifles and explosives than those people that saw things differently.

It looked like war was imminent, neither side was about to back down... not that the Perth indi scene is worth fighting over... it was just a matter of principal.... At the last moment Tom Foolery, brokered a deal which benefited both sides... a new posse was formed.... you know the name.... and the rest..... well, you can check the gutterPRESS section cause those Bordello dawgs were rarely out of the headlines after that.

Sept '99: - After only 6 months on the local scene, Bordello won the WA State Final of the National Campus Band Comp, joining past winners Jebediah and Eskimo Joe.

Feb '00: - Bordello secured a spot on the Perth leg of the monstrous Big Day Out and played to thousands.

Mar '00: - Bordello continued their big gig reputation securing supports with Killing Heidi, Shihad, and joining the 'YAC it up 2000' festival.

Jul '00: - Bordello's AA Side Singles - 'Wake Up Geoff' and 'In The Head' - regularly aired on Triple J, 'Wake Up Geoff' film clip appeared on Rage, [V], and Ground Zero

Nov '00: - Bordello toured the Eastern States, Had an interview with Rage TV and got about to see as many local bands in Melbourne and Sydney as possible.


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