He’s a Lap steel slide guitar slinging, funky Slide-Didge blowing & body-popping human beat-box freak.
A one-man-band tour-de-force thats made jaws drop at festivals around the globe like Glastonbury(UK), Edinburgh(UK), Splendour in the Grass(NSW) & more

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Interweaving nimble-fingered musicianship, socio-political messages, humour, good vibes & just pure energetic intensity, Nathan Kaye’s performance will draw you in make you laugh, make you think & make you groove!
If you’ve been astounded by other one-man band performers, Nathan takes co-ordination to a whole new level with ease...
And the word is spreading...
People rave about his innovative blend of beat-boxing (vocal drumming) and Slide-Didge (a trombone-like Didgeridoo), which has taken him to stages across the world, including Glastonbury Festival in England, Edinburgh Festival in Scotland (in the world famous Speigal Tent), Super-Heineken in China, Earth Day Festival in Bali (Indonesia), Greenman Festival in as well as jamming onstage with John Butler at the Fatherhood festival…
As a multi-instrumentalist, he does human beat-boxing (vocal drums), plays 12 string guitar like its some kind of funky sitar, 6 string guitar & lap-steel slide at the same time as the Slide-Didge (which is an innovative Trombone-like Didgeridoo made from timber) and stomp-box. But it isn't just his obsession with instruments that has attracted so much attention to his show. It is his enormous energy that seems to infect everyone, when combined with his heart-felt voice, with an added sense of Umbilical Brother’s style humour, that people are drawn to.
Ideas have changed the world & musicians like Nathan are our modern traveling bards, they’re going around telling stories with sound & bringing messages about our world, self-respect & respecting others. Music in that way, when its from the heart, is very exciting & dynamic.
Nathan’s multi-instrumental performance is energetic, powerful, honest & has a lot of integrity, it’s extremely welcoming & ageless.           
It’s original, it’s Australian & it’s now.
“Nathan Kaye has he’s got something very special going on.  Much more than a one-man band, he’s a body popping, beat-boxing, didj playing, guitar slinging, jaw harping, singing, dancing superstar, with wit and spirit…. How could I describe Nath’s sound, mmm, it’s sorta like John Butler on pills, Michael Franti on mushrooms and The Umbilical Brothers on fire.” Cathy Gavronich, Rip-In Magazine 

“When Nathan plays I’ve never seen an crowd not get up & dance, become involved or be touched by his message of self-responsibility & getting out there & doing something for yourself & the planet as well.” Annie Arnold, Music Critic

LIVE: If you were to blend JOHN BUTLER, THE TEA PARTY, MICHAEL FRANTI and, well, THE UMBILICAL BROTHERS all in one person, you’d get something that resembles a Nathan Kaye live performance…

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