The first incarnation of KZ5 was in late 1997 when PADE PAN and some bored friends got a few tunes of four-on-the-floor, flat-out punk style songs together to play at the many house parties

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
It wasn't long before the KZ5 lineup solidified with PADE PAN (Vox/Guitar), BGREYD (Bassonics/Vox), and Nick Maxwell (Drums).

Recording five live demo songs to send to venues to get them gigging, the group started to develop their own style. The demos were good enough to become the band's first EP, "He Who Gives Shall Also Receive" (1997). A video was recorded for the fourth track "W.O.W" and was released in November 1998. The video won MTV Australia's Buzz Clip for that month, and received good air time on ABC's Rage program.

In early February 1999 KZ5 toured Melbourne and having such a good time, they decided to make it their new home. They made the move in April, minus their beat keeper Nick, who chose to stay in Sydney due to other commitments. KZ5 set up home in Melbourne and Spinal Tap syndrome set in! It was a long search to find a suitable replacement for Nick. The band was writing alot of new material, but was unwilling to record until they'd found the right drummer. An opportunity came up for some cheap studio time, so KZ5 decided to re-record "Turn of the Century" - a song from their debut EP. The track was released as a single because they had sold all the copies of their EP, and no re-press was planned.

Shortly after recording "Turn of the Century", KZ5 finally found a new drummer; a rockin' guy who goes by the name of JUZZ. The band spent a few weeks rehearsing down a set and got back to gigging. A video was recorded for "Turn of the Century" and the song was released in December 1999. 2000 will see the band back in the studio recording new material and back out doing what they love best - playing live.

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