A simple 4 piece punk band reminesant of X-ray specs, designed to amuse and offend. Entertaining and foot tapping

Geelong, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

In September 2004, LILY FLAX (Vox) and TOPHER GIBSON (Guitar) decided to form a band, and called themselves TROUGH LOLLIES. They were joined up with another guitarist, drummer and Bass player and played their first gig at The Barwon Club, in Geelong. That went down so well that they were asked to support THE GO-SET at The Carlton Club, Geelong. However after playing a few gigs around Geeklong and Melbum, the rhythm section decided to go their own way.

They played their last gig at The Arthouse, Lily dressed up as a giant bunny and Topher came as a spaceman. But they found a new bass player DODGE REBUFF, a fan who liked the band so much he became a member and a new drummer Arruga who joined the band after seeing an ad in Forte (Geelong Street Press). They played their first set with the New Line up July 30th 2005, at the National Hotel, Geelong, and have played venues such as The Tote, The Greyhound Hotel, The Barwon Club, The Noise Bar, and The Karova.

They have supported bands like King City Seven and Mach Pelican. Their music has recently been chosen to accompany Pizza (SBS). Dodge Rebuff-the youngest in the band, a baby face chardonnay drinking bass player, smiling as he strips and pumps out that heavy bass line, filling in a backing vocals Topher Gibson-a rock guitar player who plays blue rifts, he looks like Jesus and his tunes have been sent from god Lily Flax-A foul-mouthed Londoner, who sings like an Angel, but will kick you in the e nuts if you call her a bitch Arruga-a petite drummer with a background in Blues, her small frame defies her tub-thumping style Trough Lollies have an old School punk rock sound, very English, compounded by there English singer. They have been compared with The Spazzys, Vice Squad, Bad Religion and X-ray Specs.

They play for fun, and often have a better time on stage than the crowd. They have built up a following around Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong. Their motto is: TROUGH LOLLIES, Anti-establishment not anti-social.

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